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WIP – A Tower Defense Tutorial for Stencyl 2.0


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Hi all,

Just for the fun of it, I've started writing a tutorial for Stencyl 2.0 involving Tower Defense elements. It is meant as a follow-up on the new crash-courses in the new Stencylpedia.

Part 1 - Humble Beginnings
Part 2 - Adding Towers
Part 3 - Getting Healthy
Part 4 - Shooting Bullets
Part 5 - Choosing Your Target
Part 6 - Follow the Path
Part 7 - Creating Towers
Part 8 - Satisfaction and Scoring
Part 9 - Staying Alive
Part 10 - Do the Wave


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This is the greatest thing ever, I'm so glad I get to watch it as you build on it every day! :)

And I have a feeling this tutorial is going to open up a world of great new TD games getting made through Stencyl!

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I've been on holiday for a few days, but now I'm back with part 4 and part 5.

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So awesome, can't wait to do these later today. :)


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Ahhh great tuts! Btw fijn om nog een Nederlander te zien hier.

Gr. Maarten
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great , saved for after !

tahnks a whole lot


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And thanks to your positive feedback, I've made the time to write Part 6 - Follow the Path.

In this part I will replace my wandering enemies with enemies that follow a path and come in waves.


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Nice! Keep up the good work.
- DarkKnightH20
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Really nice tutorial eerie! I will implent this in my game, your name is already added in the credit list

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Amazing how far this has come along just after 6 tutorials. Well done. :)


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This behavior will help you: (Is not completed)
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I must say that this is AWESOME.
You cleared all my troubles ! :)


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Thanks for this!  I don't have TD plans any time soon, but am working on a 'castle defense' which is a related genre.  This looks like it will be a great leg-up from doing it all from scratch.  Especially the 'choosing your target' one was the big one I was having trouble with.
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This is damn epic. I can see a load of bloons tower defense clones coming with this  ;)


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So - I hope I'm posting this in the correct area:

I have successfully gotten through the first 3 tutorials, I'm on the the shooting bullets... When a target comes in range of the tower it puts a bullet in the center of my tower and never fires -

in the Flying Bullet behavior, I created 2 events, a custom block and a when updated event - I have added the following attributes:
Target (Actor - Hidden)
Amount of Damage - Number Hidden
dy - number hidden
dx - number hidden
minimum distance - number hidden
bullet speed number

When I attach this behavior to the bullet actor, I set min distance to 0 and bullet speed to 15

I have verified that the bullet is in the new fancy bullet collision group.  Any ideas?